Repulze (iOS)


When I first owned an iPhone, I thought there was no way it would become a premium gaming device. I thought it would be something fun to waste some time on when waiting in line, or at the theater before my movie started, or things of that nature. As time has passed, quite the opposite has happened. My iPhone is my primary gaming device. No longer do I own any other handheld gaming equipment to get my fix.

I recently came across “Repulze” for iOS in a search for a fun racing game. I have played the variety of “Need for Speed” games available in the App Store, but wanted to try something different. This game is “different”, and that is not a bad thing. The UI environments are very futuristic looking, and the gameplay comes at a very fast pace. There really is no way to take this game slowly. You are thrown in, and off you go.


The tracks all have a similar feel, but they are different enough to keep you going. You are given certain tasks to complete to be able to advance to the next track. There are several vehicles to choose from, which provides a nice variety as well. I find myself getting stuck on tracks for quite a while. There are certain times you have to finish your laps in, to advance, and it is a trial to hit those times. But I like a good challenge. Now, I should state that I am not a hardcore gamer, although I really do appreciate a well designed game. That being said, I can’t really gauge the intensity level for a high level gamer. But my somewhat uneducated guess would be that this could keep anyone playing for quite a while.

I really like the controls on this game. There is really one word for them: simple. All you have is a left and right directional key. There are no brakes. I am not a big fan of the controls that utilize the accelerometer that is used in a lot of the racing games. And it’s a good thing the controls aren’t tricky, because you have to keep your full focus on the game while playing, due to the very fast-paced style of gameplay.

Another aspect of the game I really like is the soundtrack. It is kind of a futuristic techno. It matches the feel of the race, and has that pump-you-up type of feeling to it, and is a welcome addition to the whole experience of the game.

Of all the racing games I have played on iOS, this is my favorite. However, there is some great competition for it. I would recommend trying the “Need for Speed” series as well. Great job to Pixelbite on creating a really fun game. My only hope is that they expand the game, so that we can keep riding new tracks. But even without that, this has great replay value.

– David B. Harrington