We have now enjoyed 50 years of James Bond, and I have to say, they celebrated in the right way! There are a lot of reasons I go to see movies. And the fact is that James Bond films (this one included) are just plain fun! I remember when I first started collecting films almost 15 years ago, I watched “Thunderball” with Sean Connery. I was really taken in, and started watching other Bond films. To be honest, I really stuck with the Connery films, and have only broken outside of that to see the Daniel Craig films, and one or two with Pierce Brosnon.

“Skyfall” finds James Bond tracking down  Raoul Silva  (Javier Bardem) who wants revenge against M for betraying him years earlier. Raoul plots his revenge by attempting to take down M-16, where M’s office is located. After an explosion occurs at the building, and it is identified as an act of terrorism, Bond does all he can to keep M safe, including taking her to Skyfall, which is a location that is owned by the Bond family. They are attacked by Raoul and those employed by him, and M must face him face to face. Bardem plays his character really well. He has a creepy air about him that follows him from role to role. “No Country For Old Men”, one of my favorites flaunts a very creepy Javier Bardem, who is a lot more quiet and ruthless than this film, but he still brings a lot to the plate here.

I will keep from spoilers in this review, and just say that the film is worth watching, even if it is just to see the ending. This does also bring an end to Judi Dench as a part of the cast. She has been in several Bond films now, and will be missed. She is a character we have gotten used to, and has that certain quality to her that offers a lot to the Bond films. Bond is ready for more at the end of the film, as he reports ready for duty, which is great in the sense that we have more Bond films coming, which probably anyone could have guessed. I hope it continues with Daniel Craig, as he is a great fit for the character.

This might be the best movie in the long-running tradition of the Bond series, or at least it gives any other entry a run for its money. My personal favorite is “Goldfinger” which was a lot of fun to watch, and really pulled me in to want to watch more Bond Films, which I definitely look forward to even past “Skyfall”.

-David B. Harrington

3 responses to “Skyfall

  1. Great review David. I enjoy reading your movie reviews. I loved the movie and and also think Daniel Craig is perfect for the part. Wow 50 years of Bond. It would be great to own the Bond 50 collection!

  2. The Bond franchise has had some interesting ‘Bonds’ in its time, but this Bond looks more like a convict than a refined, intelligent, and subtle British MI6 Intelligence agent in Her Majesty the Queen’s service. Time for Bond to be younger, the way that Ian Fleming envisioned his character, and quit these 50 year olds who have plagued the role for their financial gain! I’d say this is one best left unseen, but I did give in to my ignorant curiosity and I’d ask for my money back if there were such a thing. Hello, N!

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